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Crimes committed by members of the Security Forces and other State agents, either in association with paramilitary groups, or third-party civilians, due to, on occasion of, or in direct or indirect relation with the internal armed conflict in Colombia.


This macro-case will investigate the criminal network that operated during the Colombian armed conflict in which members of the Public Forces and State agents who were not members of the Public Forces (AENIFPU for its initials in Spanish), directly or in association with paramilitary groups and/or civilian third parties, committed crimes against humanity and war crimes against the civilian population. Among the crimes that were committed and that will be investigated by the Chamber are: homicides, massacres, forced disappearance, forced displacement, torture, sexual violence and threats.

Date of prioritization:

August 30, 2022

Ruling of prioritization:

SJP Ruling No. 104 of 2022.LINK)

Ruling of internal prioritization:

Auto de la JEP N° 008 de 2022

Capsula del Auto co: Español (LINK )

Ruling of the SRVR's prioritization:

Determination of Facts and Conduct Orders

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Resolution of conclusions:

Procedural status:

Stage of recognition of truth and responsibility.