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Victimization of members of the Unión Patriótica


Macro-case 006 prioritizes the situation of victimization of members and sympathizers of the Unión Patriótica since 1984, throughout the national territory. It will place special emphasis on the regions of: Magdalena Medio, Urabá, Meta, Caribbean Coast, Northeast and Northeast Antioquia and the south of the country.

Date of prioritization:

Februray 26, 2019

Ruling of prioritization:

- SJP Ruling No. 027 of 2019.LINK)

- Fact Sheet of the Ruling.LINK)

Ruling of internal prioritization:

- SJP Ruling No. 075 of 2022.LINK)

- Information Capsule of the Ruling: tba

Ruling of the SRVR's prioritization:

Determination of Facts and Conduct Orders

Other related products:

Resolution of conclusions:

Procedural status:

Stage of contribution to the truth and responsibility.

- The SRVR has accredited 212 natural persons as individual victims, the UP as a collective subject, the Colombian Communist Party (hereinafter "PCC") and the union SINTRAMIENERGÉTICA as collective victims.

- Based on all the information collected, the Chamber has received and participated in 13 voluntary versions, which involved conducting 35 judicial sessions.