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Recruitment and use of children in the armed conflict.


Macro-case 007 prioritizes the recruitment and use of children in the armed conflict. It also investigates other crimes of which they may have been victims, as a consequence of or in relation to their involvement in the armed conflict.

The SRVR prioritizes the investigations on recruitment that occurred between January 01, 1996 and December 01, 2016 to determine individual patterns and responsibilities.

Date of prioritization:

March 01, 2019

Ruling of prioritization:

- SJP Ruling No. 029 of 2019.LINK)

- Fact Sheet of the Ruling.LINK)

Ruling of internal prioritization:

- SJP Ruling No. 159 of 2021.LINK)

- Information Capsule of the Ruling:LINK)

Ruling of the SRVR's prioritization:

Determination of Facts and Conduct Orders

Other related products:

Resolution of conclusions:

Procedural status:

Stage of recognition of truth and responsibility

- After cross-checking 31 databases provided through 45 reports submitted by victims' organizations, the State and academic institutions, the SRVR found a universe of 18,677 unique victims.

- In December 2021 (Ruling No. 269 of 2021) the SRVR summoned 47 former FARC-EP members who were part of the Southern, Northwestern, Western, Central Joint Command, Middle Magdalena and Caribbean blocs to testify.

- In 2022 (Ruling No. 032 of 2022), the SRVR opened a new sub-line of investigation within macro-case 007 on discrimination and violence against children with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions in the context of recruitment.